The Aussie Trivia League is the most exciting Trivia Night currently running in pubs and clubs across Australia. Our trivia nights use fresh, up-to-date questions, incorporate Sound Clues, Famous Faces, Top 10 Lists, Picture Lists, Video Clues and more! All of our nights are presented on the big screen in your local venue, making the Aussie Trivia League the most fun trivia night anywhere in Australia!

How much does it cost?

Unlike some other trivia nights, the Aussie Trivia League is completely Free to Play! Plus, a lot of our venues run bistro specials or bar promotions while the trivia is running, making the ATL a great night out

Sounds great!
So where can we play?

For a full list of ATL venues near you, check out the Where to Play page on our website, and dont forget to Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter for all the latest news!